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Cobwebs Run. 17-03-2024

I suspect others felt the same, I've been looking forward to the first club ride for a long time. As I sit here writing this I feel like the dog that had his collar put on but only went to the end of the road and was brought home.
Seventeen of us gathered at Writtle in light but persistent rain, I was quite surprised 'that many' had turned up but here they all are, proper motorcyclist on a lovely array of bikes.
It was Paul's ride with Dave Bradley as the back marker but we hadn't set off when a problem was noticed. Dave discovered had put his pants on backwards so when he went to the loo ' freeing willy' became a challenge. It didn't end there someone pointed out that his boots were on the wrong feet
Pam needs to check him before he goes out.
The flag drops and we are away but not for Paul Weston. He kicked his Velo and the kick start spring broke. This isn't a problem on any other bike when a bungee saves the day but not on a Velo, your stuck !
Off we go in the rain and I have the pleasure of riding behind Ian Savages AJS which just sounded so content. Splashing through the puddles I was reminded that some were hiding serious potholes. Before we had set off Bob McDonald had mentioned how well his BSA B50 was going, now ten miles into the ride it had second thoughts and coughed to a halt at Rettendon X roads. Of course we rallied around and got him going No ! we did the time honoured thing and left him to catch the bus home. ( actually he was recovered by his friend with a trailer).
Arriving at the elevenses stop Paul gave us leave to return home should we want to and several of us, me included, did that. I went into 'The Potting Shed' tearoom to bid our goodbye and they were happily ordering coffee and breakfasts and dripping wet all over the floor. I suspect most turned for home after wards. Nicki and I got home as the rain stopped and the sky brightened. I rang Paul to discover six hardy souls continued to the pub in South Woodham Ferrers. Dave and Pam went on to a remote village in Essex for lunch where having boots on the wrong foot is quite normal and having pants on backwards is second to wearing them on your head.
Thanks Paul and Pauline for leading and Dave and Pam for tail ending.
Like the dog that did have 'all' his walk I felt a little disappointed I didn't do the full lap. Hats off to Andy who made the trip from Cambridgeshire, Pete from Walton and Rob from Kent.
Post Easter Run coming soon.

Dave Iszard

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Paul Fletcher

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the Cobwebs Run yesterday. Pauline and I would have been happy to abort at the start if less than 6 turned out but we were amazed when more and more kept arriving and when Peter arrived riding from Walton on the Naze we had to carry on. Then Martin said his mate Andy was on his way riding from Cambridgeshire we had to wait for him to arrive before setting off. Just a shame the light rain spoilt the views as we made our way to the coffee stop which was at the Potting Shed Tea Room at Bicknacre where the choice was offered to finish the run there, which some did and others after enjoying a very tasty looking breakfast. The ones electing to carry on had already ridden quite a long distance to the start, so carry on we did and with Rex taking over as back marker we had a dry ride for the 20 plus miles to South Woodham Ferrers and had lunch and a pint in the Town Crier. Pleased that Paul Weston and Bob McDonald got home ok after suffering mechanical problems. A big thank you once again to everyone for supporting the run which was started by Pauline`s late husband Eric when he bought his Vindec Special and wanted to "Blow the Cobwebs out" before riding in the Pioneer Run the following weekend back in 1992.

Dave Iszard

Paul/ Pauline, thanks for persisting on a challenging day. It's encouraging when people turn up despite the conditions. The Cobwebs Run has prompted us to revise our waterproof ? suits.

Bob MacDonald

Thanks to Paul & Pauline for the Cobwebs Run today, great turnout, good route but unfortunately B50 decided it had had enough at the Rettendon Bell, got recovered and home now, thank again

Paul Weston

Not a good omen - first run of the year being a "fail to start"! Simple diagnosis though. Broken kick-start spring which had jammed the lever. Replacement on order(£6 from Grove's).