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May 10 Evening ride / club night Pride of ownership

Chairman Dave's Report

I was really looking forward to this and did I bit of maintenance on the Triumph through the day in preparation. I left home early because I always enjoy a chat with the lads before we set off. However my plans went south when at Maldon the Triumph would not run above tick over, so I limped the 3 miles home to get another bike. The only other bike ready to go ( had petrol ) was a modern Honda. So I met up on route amid a healthy down pour which only lasted about three miles but was good enough to soak those wearing jeans. If you ride old bikes the chances of having oil soaked jeans renders them water proof so maybe they didn’t get wet.

The tour wiggled left and right through the lanes under black clouds that occasionally parted for sunshine. The final lane has got to qualify for the worst in Essex, the pot holes are such that they almost meet in the middle. The ponds of water have holes deep enough to hide Rex’s Honda CD. Farm traffic had transferred mud all over the road, apart from that it was OK.

Pulling in at The Bell the waiting crowd went wild on our arrival. In we went to enjoy warm beer and a packet of crisps.

Now for the car park concours de’ elegance or ‘Pride of Ownership’ awards as we like to call it. Each person votes for his first and second favourite bike. And the winner is - - - Paul Weston’s 1930 something Sunbeam which is wind swept and interesting a bit like Paul really. And the runner up for second choice is - - - Julian Strauss’s Greeves twin which was damp and muddy, a bit like Jules really. Both were given a prestigious varnished log each with a bit of inscription as their rewards. I was glad to see their delight and hope they appreciate the enormous expense of these trophies.

Club night lapsed into a noggin and natter and we were glad to receive a new member from Wickford. He was called Dave and he was most welcome as half the room consisted of Daves and some honorary Daves - and one George. George's appearance on his Ducati Elite was heralded by the sound of nuts and bolts rattling in a tin can. This proved to be a knackered big end. George took up the offer of a dry garage from Dave Coatsworth ,another Dave should we rename club Dave's vintage motorcycle club. and a ride home on the trailer of shame the next day, with help and assistance from Simon Enticknap.

Thanks to John Beckinsale for leading the ride and to one of the Dave's ( Bradley ) for tail ending.

More runs to come, be a part of it, you don’t have to be called Dave.