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Early Easter Run.

The day dawned cold and bright with a reliable weather forecast promising 13 degrees. There was a little confusion of start times for some reason but I think everyone arrived , at least I hope no one was left out. Twenty bikes ( four with passengers) set out for a leisurely sixteen miles to the coffee stop at The Black Horse Cafe, Earles Colne. Although pre-booked, twenty four people all arriving at once tested the young girls who were serving. They managed quite well considering they had to cater for the general public who were also there. Motorcyclist, give them coffee and cake, sit them around a table in the sun and you have a party which of course they did. At some point you have to remind them that lunch beckons a further sixteen miles up the road and to break the party up.

There followed a very pleasant route through to Acton ( not the London one) just north of Sudbury Suffolk, where they were expecting us for lunch. Of course by then we were all very hungry ? Sat in a sunny walled garden we enjoyed Sunday roast and a whole host of other goodies on the menu, this is were the only drama of the day occured. I was given a dinner that was meant for Jim Goodwin. I enjoyed it but through a bit of ordering confusion it meant Jim didn't have a dinner and I eventually had to go and order one for him. It took forever to arrive and our forty year friend ship was looking compromised until it arrived. ( in Germany once he wanted me to order him chicken but he got snails instead )

The only other casualty was Simon H who arrived with a few components less than his Bonneville started out with. Nothing that was going to stop him though. Lunch finished and I suggested that we go for tea and cake at Marks Hall estate, Coggeshall. Bear in mind we have had tea and cake and then lunch that no one was going to want afternoon ' tiffin '. Wrong ! so a very rural route to Marks Hall where we arrived very hungry ? We sat in the sun and had a party ( again ) with coffee and cake. All good things come to an end and we all dispersed for home.

Thanks to all who attended and made the organising worthwhile. Brilliant ' route marking ' made sure everyone arrived at all the destinations. So nice to see wives Carol, Mandy, Pam and Vikki (aka Nicki) all pillion and Lesley on her own Triumph of course. Thanks to John Beckinsale who did an efficient job of keeping everyone together as the back marker.