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The excitement was building, Steve Back was leading a ride and the membership turned up to see the outcome. You see, Steve has had some rotten luck out on club rides. Last year a mechanical break down thwarted his every outing including a slide up the road. This luck spilled over to the first ride this year so how will the ride go with Steve up front. The world was watching.

I left early so that I had time to talk to the others. Getting across Chelmsford at 5.30 pm rather upset my Velocette, cars bumper to bumper. A good number were already at Writtle Green and Triumphs were out in force. A cool dry evening and by now all the commuters were home so we had the roads to ourselves. All was going well and I held my breath when Steve’s Tiger 100 stalled at a junction. A few kicks and it started. Another junction, another stall. All eyes were on the Triumph, with new carbs and coils it was like a brand new bike 😀 what possibly could stop it. We dodged pot holes and puddles and going up Ingatestone Main Street a white car came out from a junction on the left. I thought Steve is in trouble but no, a quick swerve around the back of the car avoided a collision, nothing was going to stop him. Ending at the Ship at Galleywood it allowed those with 6volt Miller electrics to get home in daylight while others sank a pint. There was an added bonus. Back maker John Ruth was not sent home for the trailer.

One of the Daves.