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Meet at Tesco, Maldon in cold sunshine where 15 bikes plus three pillions were off to TTT motorcycles at Sudbury. Led by myself we had an easy run to our coffee stop at The George, Shaford. It's was only supposed to be a coffee stop but the usual suspects ordered full English and with a roaring log fire they got quite comfortable. Onward through the best of B roads we arrived at TTT to meet three of the Anglian section and eight of the Ipswich section. Eat ' again ' at their cafe, basic but good, we wondered around and looked at the stock and I'm glad to day no one's saving were plundered. The 15 became 10 as people made their own way home. By the time we got to Marks Hall for a tea stop the10 were down to 4. Tea and cake (why are we not all fat b#%@&*d's is a mistery ) Thanks to back marker Dave B for keeping the tour together and glad he wasn't hurt when some dip stick backed into him at the petrol pump knocking him off.


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Many thanks Dave and Nicki for an enjoyable ride to TTT Motorcycle's today and for the ride home after.


Nice ride


Thank you Dave and Nicki for a very enjoyable day. Lovely sweeping roads through the countryside, blue skies, mostly dry roads and fairly potholeless good watering holes too that orange/chocolate cake is definitely worth a repeat.

Oh yes Sir dropped me off at home and carried on to the petrol station only to be knocked off his bike whilst stationary when the car on the pump in front of him decided he liked Daves bette. Before you ask the bike is fine although the footrest might need attention


Lovely to see you today and you are right about the orange/chocolate cake! Sorry to hear of Daves altercation with a reversing car. ( sorry mate I didn’t see you!) x


Sorry to have missed it - afraid grandad duties took precedence today - sounds like we missed a good ride though.


Thanks to Dave and Nicki for the ride yesterday. brilliant roads and good company.

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