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Burton upon Trent,

Staffordshire, DE14 1TR

Smaller and older bike ride. Any machine welcome.

Sixteen riders arrived at Lake Meadows on a variety of bikes from 50cc to 750cc 1939 to present day.

After much discussion and disbelief about Simon's tale of his visit to Hagon and receiving a pair on progressive load rear shocks free of charge George led the way on his 200cc Ducati for a pleasant ride to the Kings Arms Orsett for Lunch. With such a good service from the landlord we were there one and half hours before moving on. Before leaving the landlord asked if we would line up for photos. David led the second ride, on his 350 BSA B31plunger, through the lanes to the Essex Wildlife Centre Mucking for more coffee and cake. The cafe has a roof viewing area with views of the Thames Estuary. Everyone agreed that it was a enjoyable relaxing day and now was the time to head for home before the traffic built up. George and Rex were the last to leave and as they reached the exit Rex's Honda Benley didn't want to play anymore and threw off the rear chain with broken split link. A phone call to David had him arriving back on his modern Honda to give Rex a pillion (Rex looked nervous when Dave said he was going to attempt his longest wheelie two up) to the local traditional old style motorcycle shop. Problem was that this traditional shop had traditional Wednesday half day closing. A phone call to Peter James recovery had Rex back home to Braintree by 7.30 and left the Benley sulking in the garage.

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