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What could possibly go wrong. Sun was shining, temperature was 20 degrees, forecast was good. I arrived at the start point, Writtle Green, in good time and already folk were there. Steve Back was to lead the ride but there he was on his knees asking his Triumph to behave which was only running on one cylinder. Living nearby he said, " I'll go home and get my other bike", which rung alarm bells as his other bike is a nonrunning Bantam. John Ruth who was to be back marker was then thrust to the front to lead. John said he didn't know the way but would do his best. Cliff and Roy Arthur arrived but Roy's AJS had an engine problem so before the lights went green, we had three non-starters.

Off we went down the lanes and straight away it was obvious there had been some heavy showers earlier on as the road was wet. I felt for George Smith on his pristine little Ducati. We passed through some mucky lanes and then a ford. Would he ride it through, or would we be persuaded to carry it over. I sensed his pain. Paul O'leary's Kawasaki triple was not really at home plodding along with all these old thumpers. When he got the chance to open up it was possible to follow the smell and smoke screen long after Paul had disappeared from sight. It was later to discard a baffle tube, retrieved by Simon Enticknap who was the new back marker. Turn left here, oh no you won't, 'ROAD CLOSED', an all too familiar sign these days. Unfazed John turned right and on we went, twenty-five of us I might add.

Arriving at Andrews Airfield in a misty shower we all dived in for tea, cake and bacon sandwiches. Then much to our surprise Steve Back turned up. He had plundered John Ruths garage and dug out the trials Cub. Hurrah! our leader is back. On to the lunch stop, the Compasses at Littley Green. How can they want lunch in 20 miles time when they all had sausage rolls and bacon butties just now. Don't they not get fed at home? Three more join us at the airfield including Martin Wilson and it must be said his 52 T100 is the wrong colour red but no one noticed.

We leave the airfield and in no time at all we catch up to a big tractor and trailer, there was no way for the little Cub to overtake it. We did what true Brits do and formed an orderly queue. We got to the junction to turn left surely the tractor would turn right, no no. It turned left too. On to the next junction where we needed to turn right, surely the tractor would go straight on, no no it turned right. We followed the tractor for a couple of miles and thankfully it turned off only to be replaced by a Parcel Force van. Oh well! jogging along in second gear is good for fuel economy.

As we progressed along a lane, I noticed an old man mending his garden gate on the right-hand side, we passed only feet from him but he failed to look up or acknowledge our presence. Strange I thought how could he have had no reaction to all that noise and activity, surely he doesn't have 28 old bikes go past every day? Twenty-five minutes later I notice an old man mending his gate on the left hand side, It's the same fella and again he fails to react. It did occur to me should we pass by for the third time would he still ignore us.

Paul O'leary's Kawasaki is really upset now and gets abandoned at Felsted. It later makes it home on the trailer of shame. Near to the lunch stop now. In front of me I see Chris Lodge on his T110 launch into the air. I can see daylight between him and his bike and under the wheels. I continued with caution to see what would have caused 'take off'. It was best described as a wallow in the road, a deep depression that would not have disgraced any skateboard park. Others experienced launch as well. I left the tour at the pub. As I returned home for a prior engagement they were all ordering lunch. I wondered how hungry they could be since it was only an hour ago they were eating bacon sandwiches.

A good entertaining day out. Thanks Steve, John and Simon.


A good start to the day at Writtle car park with over 20 riders and sunshine arriving. Leader Steve continued his run of bad luck with problems to his Triumph Daytona and had to limp home for a change of bikes to meet up at first stop. We all hope he has a better 2023. Roy's AJS also was a non starter. duff inlet valve meant a journey home in the van.

An enjoyable ride to Andrewfield airfield for refreshments to be met with more members bringing the total to over 27 the best turnout this year. After light drizzle the sunshine returned for the rest of the day and we set out for lunch at the Compasses pub Littley Green. On the way Paul O'Leary had trouble with his Kawasaki triple 2 stroke, fuel starvation causing oiled plugs and refusing to start. Paul went home to collect his trailer so he missed lunch and suffered his own fuel starvation.

There was some confusion with drop off system on the way leaving some riders 'Lost in Action' Fortunately Paul Fletcher knew the area and was able to guide the lost souls to the pub. There were riders on their first ride out and perhaps they were not aware of how drop off works. Apologies for assuming everyone knew. There is an explanation on webpage Ride Outs

An excellent day out and a big thankyou to Steve and John for another well planned route. Roll on 2023.

If anyone fancy's leading a ride next year contact any committee member for details. You might find you enjoy it.