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Dave B's Post Easter Run on April 7th had twenty bikes and a handful of pillions starting from Billericay. With myself as back marker we nearly got off to a doubtful start when within a very short distance Steve Backs Triumph sneezed and stopped. After some energetic kicking on Steve's part we where mobile again only to find no marker at the roundabout. I had a hint of the route so we were on track and caught up. Coffee stop and cake all done we were all fired up for the second leg.

After a nice trip through the lanes we were briefly held up at Mayland while people crashed cars into each other. Some miles further on, progress was brought to a halt when someone else thought they too would crash their car. A little detour around the locality found us back on route, lunch was calling.
A welcome into The Kings Head at Bradwell on Sea where reserved tables awaited. We wined and dined like Lords and then feeling peckish we continued to the BHN nursery for afternoon tiffen. It was a near thing as they were about to shut.
Thanks Dave Bradley for a big day out.

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Thanks everyone for making my first ride with the Essex VMCC so enjoyable.


Thanks Dave Bradley for a big day out. Coffee, lunch and afternoon tea. 22 bikes attended plus some ' young toff' in a car with his trophy wife.


Thanks to Dave and Pam Bradley for a great day out. Good company, good venues and sunshine too. Varied mix of bikes old and new.

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