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Back to (the) Front.

About twenty members arrived on a pleasant Sunday morning at Tesco's car park. It's nice to arrive early and socialise with each other before we start the ride but first I have to set the scene. Ever active member Steve Back was to lead and John Ruth to back mark, a duo that has arranged rides often in the past. Steve hasn't had the best of luck lately. On The Cobwebs Run he was seen to test the worth of a Triumph front brake which contrary to common belief locked up and sent him sliding along the road. The only injuries were to his new gortex trousers which suffered friction burns. On The Bluebell ride his clutch cable broke and his oil filler cap went missing. On this occasion John was dispatched to get the trailer. Every run needs a pre-run to see if there are any road closures etc. 'Ping' went the replacement clutch cable. It's a good thing these things happen when you are not leading a ride ?

We set off on the ride when the pleasant morning decided, "lets throw some rain into the mix". Despite the heavy shower the ride splashed on towards our coffee stop at Abberton reservoir where the tour were desperate for caffeine and calories. They fought at the door to be first in. Eventually everyone was fed watered and had pee'd and we were off into an even heavier shower. Some ten miles on I was riding behind Steve when I noticed his back tyre was flat. I pointed this out and he said, " I didn't think the bike was behaving very well". Rain has the ability to lubricate a rusty old nail helping it to pierce a tyre. While Paul Fletcher jumped to the fore and lead the tour to the Prince of Wales for their lunch

( you've guessed it they were very hungry by now) Dave Coatesworth became backmarker. John was despatched to get the trailer again, leaving Steve in a lonely country lane all by himself. Yes we all abandoned him. Things happen in three's don't you think at least Steve hopes so.

It was actually an entertaining morning out. George Smiths pretty little Ducati getting (another) soaking. Simon Harris's Bonnie ingested rain which put his 'two candle power' Chinese head lamp bulb out and Dave Bradley's AJS suffered similar when water got into his amp meter and sent it into spasms of super charge. Five wives got wet. Thanks to Steve for leading ? don't bother buying a lottery ticket this year. Thanks to John for back marking on his Trophy but finishing the trip in his car with the trailer again.

Oldest bike, John Gosling's plunger A10. Smallest bike, Rex Croft's CG125. Smartest bike, George Smith's little Ducati. Youngest bike, Paul Osbourne's Ducati Monster. Unluckiest bike, Don't know ??? Wettest knickers, Carol but disputed by Mandy and Nicki. Pauleen and Pam being true professionals remained dry.

The competition for food never ends. Dave C ordered his roast before Simon but Simon's roast arrived first. Simon finished his roast before Dave's arrived and now a long standing friendship is in jeopardy,

On reflection we need to thank Steve for collecting the nail which no doubt would have found its way into someone else's tyre.