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Paul Weston`s Mid Week Run 27/9/23

Meeting in the lay-by on the A 414 near Danbury 16 riders signed on for what could be called Pauls Forgotten Back Lanes Run which we were to enjoy very much. As we were called together for a briefing Paul W gave out details of the ride telling everyone there would be some narrow lanes, an unsurfaced section and a ford during the run. Paul Fletcher was the back marker for today hoping that he would not be mistaken for Paul Selleck who also had a green reflective bib on. We set off with Paul W leading following his Tom Tom which decided to throw a wobbly not far from the start but after leading an aborted run earlier in the year Paul had a backup system this time as he explained at the coffee stop that a nice young ladies voice was also giving him directions via Blue Tooth from his mobile phone so everything was good and everyone arrived at White Elm Garden Centre at Bicknacre after about 20 miles where we sat outside and chatted whilst drinking coffee tea and some eating ice buns, cake or even poached eggs on toast and that was just on one table. As the time got to almost 12 o`clock Paul mustered everyone as we had about an hours ride to the lunch stop where we were expected about 1 pm. Leaving Bicknacre the afternoon route was to include some decent roads around West Hanningfield Reservoir before we encountered more forgotten back lanes which included the unsurfaced road for a few hundred yards with a trials section at the end through the mud but no ford as yet. After some time we did indeed come to the ford on a well used road with a footbridge which Dave Iszard promptly took following Simon on a Triumph Twin and found they could not just ride across it as there bikes were slightly wider than the bridge but with the mirrors folded in and some twisting of the handle bars they did get through. Everyone else just rode through the ford as there was barely an inch of water to go through. So no brownie points for Dave and Simon this time. From here the roads were all good and we arrived at The Viper PH almost all together and enjoyed lunch sitting outside in the autumnal sunshine. An excellent route enjoyed by everyone who rode today, our thanks to Paul Weston for a very enjoyable ride. I enjoyed being back marker as everyone marked their respective junctions perfectly and were ready to ride off as soon as I arrived with no one having any problems to hold everyone up... Paul Fletcher

Thank you Paul, the most entertaining ride for a while. Gravelly lanes with grass growing in the middle. A no though road ( which we went through) A bit of off roading with mud. A Ford with the choice of a foot bridge which my Velo barely fitted. Tiny little lanes where even the dust cart didn't fit, the dustman had a sack barrow loaded up. Ideal weather and too much to eat. Faultless route marking by the entourage. If this was an interview Paul, you've got the job. Thanks to Paul Mk2 for back marker. It's just occurred to me, we were the filling in a Paul sandwich... Dave Iszard

Great ride - well done Paul... Simon Enticknap

One of the most interesting rides so far this year... Stuart Strauss

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