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I always look forward to a section ride. I followed the weather through the week and at no time did it look good for Georges 'Tiddlers Run' incorporating pre 1940 bikes to swell the numbers. On the morning I rolled two Ariels out as Simon was hiring the 37 ( the rental was lunch ) and the rain started. It's OK we are hard bikers me being 'Mother Lover' and him being 'Bad Bottom'. By the time we arrived at The Bell starting point the rain had stopped and people kept arriving until there were fifteen of us, what an eclectic mix of bikes. From 1919 BSA to 2012 Honda.

Quite a pleasurable route where we escaped most of the traffic. I was a little concerned when George took to paddling his Ducati, did it stall or was he just saving a little fuel, whatever, we were soon on our way again. We continued on to our destination lunch stop, The Kings Head, Bradwell on Sea but NO ! Apparently George rang to tell the landlord of our coming ( all pre arranged ). The landlord had reconsidered in the mean time and rejected the idea of cooking us lunch and made it clear we weren't welcome. So The King was dead Off with his Head.

On the way approaching Tillingham the road opened up into the national speed limit and this is where Mother Lover decided to goad Bad Bottom into a race but he was having none of it deciding to give his haemorrhoids an easy time over the pot holes. Our new lunch stop was The Cricketers just outside of Bradwell village. Not far away Alan Williams had clutch problems on his 1919 something BSA. It wouldn't disengage and so had just kept going. Keep turning left, left, left presumably until he reaches home, last seen boarding a ferry to France. Paul Fletcher was seen to push his OK the last half mile to the pub having used up all his petrol. He clearly didn't paddle when he should have.

The Cricketers were very accommodating and gave us our own room. I was treated to a meagre lunch for the loan of the Ariel where upon Bad Bottom wanted alterations to the controls to suit his posture. Everybody else had a lovely lunch and we returned home without incident just avoiding the rain. Thanks to George for hatching the plot and to his son Dave for back marking.

Participants :-

George Smith 200 Ducati

Paul Weston Sunbeam mod 9 500

Ron Windibank Sunbeam mod 9 ?500

Richard Parker Garelli Tiger 50

John Ruth Trials Cub 200

Peter Sigornay Trials C15 250

Paul Fletcher OK Junior

Simon Enticknap Ariel 500

Dave Iszard Ariel 500

Alan Williams BSA 350

Ian Johnson/Smith Triumph 250

Rex Croft Honda CG 125

Stuart Strauss James 225 Guest.

Dave Smith 250 Honda

Ricky Cowling Honda 250

Diary Notes;-

Following John's crackling Cub and Peter's equally vocal C15 on the return leg caused me to overtake. Five hours on and I can still hear them.

Ricard Parker poor fellow normally has to work ( teacher ) but this ride coincided with school holidays so he was out on his first club ride. Master camera man that Richard is he has recorded a Video for the members unable to attend, to see what they missed.

Good to see Ian out again after an absence.